Shannon's Story

The Shannon Hughes Foundation was registered as a Scottish Charity on 11th January 2017.

We decided to start the foundation in memory of our beautiful daughter Shannon, who passed away on 20th April 2016 after a three year fight against Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Shannon was your typical young girl, full of fun, energy and loved life. Things changed when she was 12 years old and started complaining of pain in her right hip/knee area. After a year of regular visits to the Doctors, she was eventually sent for a scan. This is when we discovered the pain wasn’t growing pains, muscle strain or any other ailments the Doctors originally suggested the pain could be. It was a tumour growing in her pelvic area. The tumour was Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of childhood cancer which mainly affects the bones.

Courage & Bravery

Shannon’s life was forever changed by this devastating diagnosis. At 13 years old, her life as she knew it became an endless series of hospital visits and stays followed by periods of recovery at home. She also had to take endless medications yet, despite all this, she continued to show immense courage and bravery.

Shannon started treatment in March 2013. After numerous operations, countless cycles of chemotherapy, gruelling physiotherapy and dealing with excruciating pain, she went into remission in March 2014. Sadly, her fight wasn’t over. On her 15th birthday, 5th August 2014, she relapsed. The cancer had returned with tumours now present in her head, hip and rib cage.

This time, the cancer was aggressive. Shannon immediately started chemotherapy and radiotherapy to control the pain and halt the growth of the tumours. Despite every effort, every treatment available and a courageous battle from our girl, the cancer didn’t respond to treatment and a maintenance program was implemented to give Shannon the best quality of life possible. 

On the 20th April 2016, our beautiful, brave and loving daughter grew her angel wings.

Shannon's Vision

She has left a legacy at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. Her Nurses became very attached to her and treated her like a sister. Her Consultants, Surgeons, Physio and pain team were astonished by her bravery and determination to beat this horrific disease. If they were to remember one thing about Shannon, they would recall her beautiful smile and of course, her trademark lipstick.



Why did we decide to start the Shannon Hughes Foundation?

Shannon was a very loving girl and always thought about others before herself. She wanted to give back to the charities that supported her throughout her journey, particularly when she was fit and feeling better. The charities that supported us over the last few years have been simply amazing and helped us enormously. They provided financial support, moral support and perhaps, most importantly, gave us opportunities as a family to create beautiful and priceless memories with our precious daughter. As her parents, we have vowed to keep her legacy going. With the advice and support of her amazing followers, we decided the best way to honour our remarkable daughter was to launch a foundation in her name.

Our Aims

Through ongoing fundraising events and continued support from Shannon’s followers, our aim is to give something back to these wonderful charities. It’s important they continue to provide their services to all children and families battling childhood cancer. To do so, they rely on donations and support.

With funding from the Shannon Hughes Foundation, we would like to help families going through childhood cancer by offering much needed financial assistance. A recent survey estimated a family’s outgoings increase by £500 per month if their child is attending hospital for the treatment of cancer. Many parents have to take leave from work to be with their child. Financial worries should not be a burden when your child is fighting for their life.

Another vital area we are keen to support are the organisations who specialise in the research and development of cures for childhood cancer. We must continue to help fund these efforts and hope that one day, a cure will be discovered. Our children should continue to receive the best possible treatments and support available. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. With your support, please help us make a difference.

Be like Shannon, keep smiling!

On behalf of the Shannon Hughes Foundation,

Paul & Audrey Hughes