Charity Status Official

Shannon Hughes Foundation is proud to reveal, we have now been awarded with our Charity status.

We are so grateful to Margaret Rowarth, from When You Wish Upon a Star, who guided and helped us through the application process.

Shannon would be so proud to have her own charity and this was something she wanted to do when she was better. She cared about others more than herself and wanted to give back to the people who helped her & her family, through her Cancer journey.

It's a big year for SHF and we are planning some fun & exciting fundraising events. If anyone would like to participate or would like more information, please get in touch.
Also, if you would like to do your own event/sponsor and would like to donate to SHF, please get in touch.

Thank you to you all for your magnificent support and for keeping our beautiful daughter's legacy to carry onπŸ’‹

Love from,

Shannon Hughes Foundation
Scottish Registered Charity: SC047086